Congratulations to Paul Caplan who yesterday passed his viva very succesfully! These are the important moments of academic incorporeal transformation where one metamorphoses from Mr Caplan to Dr Caplan!

Besides OOO/OOP as its theoretical approach, it is a creative practice PhD, representing a very exciting addition to practice as research that relates to visual culture as well as software studies! See here for a video sample of his work and thinking (Originally in O-Zone: A Journal of Object Oriented Studies):

  1. April 20, 2013 at 2:48 am

    I find the OOP video fascinating, but the Robert Frank section seems to dismiss the humanists too easily and in a way that is too much a part of the received narrative about Frank (which is in many ways a backlash to the “Family of Man” exhibit further solidified by Szarkowski’s curatorial choices at the MoMA). A “decisive moment” is more about the alignment of objects than about anthropocentrism, and Frank’s position might be as much about competing attitudes toward geometry and temporality as it is about a break from a humanist tradition. Eggleston’s place as an “object oriented photographer” is somewhat problematized by a preoccupation with colors and shapes that ultimately treats all objects (human or otherwise) with equal (dis)regard. In any case, I hope this doesn’t come across as too critical because I really enjoyed how this got me thinking. I definitely want to read more about OOO (and OOPh) and I look forward to seeing more work from Caplan.

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