Publications (a selection)

1. Books

(2023, in press) Operational Images. From the Visual to the Invisual. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.
(2022) The Lab Book: Situated Practices in Media Studies (co-authored with Darren Wershler and Lori Emerson). Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.
(2019) Remain (a short co-authored volume with Iona B. Jucan and Rebecca Schneider) Meson Press and University of Minnesota Press.
(2016) Digital Contagions: A Media Archaeology of Computer Viruses, 2nd. updated edition with Foreword by Sean Cubitt. New York: Peter Lang.
(2016) A Slow, Contemporary Violence: Damaged Environments of Technological Culture. Berlin: Sternberg Press. An essay length booklet published in the Contemporary Condition-series. 48 pp.
(2015) A Geology of Media. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.
(2014) The Anthrobscene. (Short booklet in the Forerunners e-book series). Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.
(2012) What is Media Archaeology? Cambridge: Polity Press.
(2010) Insect Media: An Archaeology of Animals and Technology. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, Posthumanities series.
( 2007) Digital Contagions. A Media Archaeology of Computer Viruses. Peter Lang: New York. Digital Formations-series. ISBN: 978-0-8204-8837-0. 327 pages.
(2004) Koneoppi. Ihmisen, teknologian ja median kytkennät. Kulttuurituotannon ja maisemantutkimuksen laitoksen julkaisuja, University of Turku: Pori. (Machinology: The Interfaces of Humans, Technology and Media) English abstract.
2. Edited books and special issues

a) Books

(2021) Photography Off the Scale (co-edited with Tomas Dvorak). Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.
(2016) Across and Beyond – a transmediale Reader on Post-digital Practices, Concepts and Institutions, eds. Ryan Bishop, Kristoffer Gansing, Jussi Parikka, Elvia Wilk. Berlin: Sternberg.
(2015) Writing and Unwriting (Media) Art History: Erkki Kurenniemi in 2048, eds. Jussi Parikka and Joasia Krysa. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.
(2013) Wolfgang Ernst: Digital Memory and the Archive, edited with an introduction by Jussi Parikka (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press).
(2011) Medianatures: Materiality of Information Technology and Electronic Waste. Living Books About Life-project (Open Humanities Press, E-book/online book).
(2011) Media Archaeology: Approaches, Applications, and Implications (With Erkki Huhtamo). Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.
(2009) The Spam Book: On Viruses, Porn, and Other Anomalies from the Dark Side of Digital Culture. (With Tony Sampson). Cresskill: Hampton Press.
( 2008) In Medias Res. Hakuja mediafilosofiaan. (With Olli-Jukka Jokisaari & Pasi Väliaho). Eetos-julkaisusarja, Turku. [In Medias Res: On Continental Media Philosophy.]
(2003) Kohtaamisia ajassa – kulttuurihistoria ja tulkinnan teoria. (With Sakari Ollitervo and Timo Väntsi). Turun yliopisto, k & h-kustannus, Kulttuurihistoria-Cultural History 3. [Encounters in Time: Cultural History and Theory of Interpretation.]

b) Journal special issues

(2020) Archaeologies of Fashion Film (co-edited with Caroline Evans). Journal of Visual Culture 19 (3) December 2020.
(2016) Mediated Geologies – a special section of the Cultural Politics-journal, vol. 12: 3, November 2016.
(2015) Friedrich Kittler e-special issue, Theory, Culture & Society (eds. Jussi Parikka & Paul Feigelfeld). Sage.
(2013) Cultural Techniques-special issue for Theory, Culture & Society, co-edited with Ilinca Iurascu and Geoffrey Winthrop-Young. Theory, Culture & Society 30.6 (November 2013). Sage.
(2011) Unnatural Ecologies – Media Ecologies-special issue (with Michael Goddard) for Fibreculture (Open Humanities Press).
(2003) Aivot ja elokuva-erikoisnumero Lähikuva 2/2003 (With Pasi Väliaho). [Brain and Cinema-special issue.]
(2003) Mediataide-erikoisnumero Widerscreen 3/2003. (With Katve-Kaisa Kontturi).[Media art-special issue.]

3. Articles in refereed journals

(2021) “Measuring Photographs” (co-authored with Tomas Dvorak). Photographies.
(2021) “An Ecoaesthetic of Vegetal Surfaces: On Seed, Image, Ground as Soft Montage” Journal of Visual Art Practice, 2021, DOI: 10.1080/14702029.2021.1917858
(2021) “The Operational Loops of a Pandemic” (with Tony D. Sampson) Cultural Politics 17 (1): 55–68.
(2020) “Touch, Click, and Motion: Archaeologies of Fashion Film After Digital Culture” (co-authored with Caroline Evans). Journal of Visual Culture, vol. 19 (3), December 2020, 323-339.
(2020) “Ground Truth to Fake Geographies: Machine Vision and Learning in Visual Practices” (co-authored with Abelardo Gil-Fournier). AI & Society (2020).
(2020) “A Recursive Web of Models: Studio Tomás Saraceno’s Working Objects as Environmental Humanities” Configurations. A Journal of Literature, Science, and Technology, 28.3, 309-332.
(2018) “Handmade Films and Artist-run Labs: The Chemical Sites of Film’s Counterculture.” (co-authored with Rossella Catanese). NECSUS – The European Journal of Media Studies, Autumn 2019 issue.
(2018) “Middle-East and Other Futurisms: Imaginary Temporalities in Contemporary Art and Visual Culture.” Culture, Theory and Critique vol. 59: 1, 2018, 40-58.
(2017) “The Sensed Smog: Smart Ubiquitous Cities and the Sensorial BodyFibreculture-journal, Computing the City-special issue.
(2016) “Deep Times of Planetary Trouble“, introductory article in Cultural Politics, 12:3, 279-292.
(2015/2016) ”Platform Studies’ Epistemic Threshold”. Games and Culture (co-authored with Thomas Apperley). Online first published December 2015.
(2015) “Earth Forces: Contemporary Media Land Arts and New Materialist Aesthetics”, Cultural Studies Review vol. 21, Issue 3, special issue on New Materialism, eds. Hongisto, Kontturi & Tiainen.
(2015) “Sites of Media Archaeology: Producing the Contemporary as a Shared Topic”. Journal of Contemporary Archaeology, vol 2., issue 1, 8-14.
(2015) “Mutating Media Ecologies“.  Continent-journal, issue 4.2 2015, 24-32.
(2014) “Cultural Techniques of Cognitive Capitalism: Metaprogramming and the Labor of Code.”  Cultural Studies Review 20 (1), March 2014, pp. 29-51.
(2014) “McLuhan at Taksim Square”. A short contribution to the McLuhan’s Understanding the Media 50th Anniversary Special Issue of  Journal of Visual Culture, April 2013, 13 (1), pp. 91-93.
(2013) “Green Media Times: Friedrich Kittler and Ecological Media History” in Archiv für Mediengeschichte, pp.69-78.
(2013) “Cultural Techniques and Media Studies”. Afterword to the Cultural Techniques Special issue, Theory, Culture & Society 30 (6), November 2013, pp. 147-159
(2013) “Dust and Exhaustion: The Labor of Media Materialism” Ctheory-journal.
(2013) ”Media Zoology and Waste Management: Animal Energies and Medianatures”  NECSUS – the European Journal of Media Studies.
(2013) “Critically Enginereed Wireless Politics”. The Platform Politics-special issue, edited by Hands, Langlois and Elmer, Culture Machine.
(2013) “Insects and Canaries: Medianatures and the Aesthetics of the Invisible”.  Angelaki: the Journal of Theoretical Humanities 18:1, 107-119.
(2012) “Zombie Media: Circuit Bending Media Archaeology into an Art Method” (with Garnet Hertz) Leonardo-journal vol 45, issue 5, 424-430.
(2012) “New Materialism of Dust” in Artnodes no.12, special issue The Matter with the Media, ed. Jamie Allen, 83-88. Also available in Catalan and Spanish (“La nueva materialidad del polvo“.)
(2012) “New Materialism as Media Theory: Medianatures and Dirty Matter” Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies Volume 9, Issue 1, Feb 10, 2012, 95-100.
(2011) “Operative Media Archaeology: Wolfgang Ernst’s Materialist Media Diagrammatics.” Theory, Culture & Society 28(5), 52-74.
(2011) “Media Ecologies and Imaginary Media: Transversal Expansions, Contractions, and Foldings.” Fibreculture-journal special issue on Media Ecology, edited by Goddard and Parikka.
(2010) “Sublimated Attractions – The Introduction of Early Computers in Finland in the late 1950s as an Audiovisual Experience” (with Jaakko Suominen). Media History 16:3,  November 2010, 319-340.
(2010) “Archaeologies of Media Art” A Conversation between Jussi Parikka and Garnet Hertz. CTheory – An International Journal of Theory, Technology and Culture April 2010.
( 2008) “Politics of Swarms: Translations Between Entomology and Biopolitics.” Parallax vol. 14, issue 3.
( 2007) “Contagion and Repetition – On the Viral Logic of Contemporary Culture.” Ephemera – Theory & Politics in Organization vol.7, no.2, (May 2007).
( 2007) “Insects, Sex and Biodigitality in Lynn Hershman Leeson’s Teknolust.” Postmodern Culture volume 17, 2/2007.
(2007) “Control and Accident: Images of Thought in the Age of Cybernetics.” NMEDIAC – The Journal of New Media and Culture vol. 4 no. 1.
(2006) “Victorian Snakes? Towards A Cultural History of Mobile Games and the Experience of Movement.” Game Studies 1/2006. (With Jaakko Suominen.)
(2005) “The Universal Viral Machine – Bits, Parasites and the Media Ecology of Network Culture.” CTheory – An International Journal of Theory, Technology and Culture, 15.12.2005. Translation in Portuguese (“A Máquina Viral Universal”, Fileguest 2006 conference catalogue, Rio de Janeiro). The english version also republished in the Spanish Aminima-magazine.
(2005) “Digital Monsters, Binary Aliens – Computer Viruses, Capitalism and the Flow of Information.” Fibreculture, issue 4. A slightly edited version also published in Infrasense-catalogue (2011).
(2005) “Viral Noise and the (Dis)Order of the Digital Culture“. M/C Journal of Media / Culture. Vol. 7, issue 6 (Jan. 2005).
4. Articles in Books (English)

(2021) “From Planetary Depth to Surface Measure: Or, How to Read the Future From an Image?” in Deep Mediations, eds. Karen Redrobe and Jeff Scheible. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 286-303.
(2021) Introduction: On the Scale, Quantity and Measure of Images” (co-authored with Tomas Dvorak) in Photography Off the Scale, edited by Tomas Dvorak and Jussi Parikka. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1-21.
(2021) “On Seeing When There’s Nothing to See: Practices of Light Beyond Photography” in Photography Off the Scale, edited by Tomas Dvorak and Jussi Parikka. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2021, 185-210.
(2020) “’Visual Hallucination of Probable Events’: On Environments of Images, Data, and Machine Learning” with Abelardo Gil-Fournier. In: Big Data: A New Medium?, ed. Natasha Lushetisch. Routledge.
(2020) “Folds of Fashion: Unravelled and the Planetary Surface” in Apparition: The (Im)materiality of the Modern Surface”, edited by Yeseung Lee. London: Bloomsbury, 19-35.
(2019) “The Lab is the Place is the Space” in Emerging Affinities. Possible Futures of Performative Arts, eds. Mateusz Borowski, Mateusz Chaberski and Malgorzata Sugiera. Transcript Verlag.
(2019) “A Care Worthy Of Its Time” in Debates in the Digital Humanities, eds. Matthew K. Gold and Lauren F. Klein. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 449-451.
(2019) “Infrascapes for Media Archaeographers” (with Samir Bhowmik).  In Archäographien. Aspekte einer radikalen Medienarchäologie. Festschrift für Wolfgang Ernst. Eds. Moritz Hiller and Stefan Höltgen.  Berlin/Basel: Schwabe 2019, 183-194.
(2019) “Inventing Pasts and Futures. Speculative Design and Media Archaeology” in New Media Archaeologies, edited by Ben Roberts and Mark Goodall. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, pp. 205-232.
(2018) “Architectures of Air: Media Ecologies of Smart Cities and Pollution” in Architectural Materialisms, ed. Maria Voyatzaki. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 207-227. An earlier published version of this article came out in Fibreculture journal.
(2018) “Digging” in the Routledge Handbook of Interdisciplinary Research Methods, eds. Celia Lury et al. London an New York: Routledge, 164-168.
(2018) “Planetary Memories. After the Extinction, The Imagined Future” in After Extinction, edited by Richard Grusin. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. An earlier version appeared in 2016 as “Planetary Goodbyes: Post-History and Future Memories of an Ecological Past” (Amsterdam University Press), 27-49.
(2018) “Anthropocene”, “Earth” and “Medianatures”, three commissioned entries in the Posthuman Glossary, eds Rosi Braidotti and Maria Hlavajova. London: Bloomsbury.
(2017) “Magic by Design – Beschwörung von Medienrealitäten” in Reale Magie, ed. Susanne Witzgall. Berlin: Diaphanes, 213-222.
(2017) “The Underpinning Time: From Digital Memory to Network Microtemporality” in Digital Memory Studies. Media Pasts in Transition, ed. Andrew Hoskins. New York and London: Routledge, pp. 156-172
(2017) “A Geophysical Media Condition: Ecology to Geology”, in General Ecology: The New Ecological Paradigm in the Neocybernetic Era, ed. Erich Hörl. Fordham University Press, 2017.
(2016) “The Lab Imaginary: Speculative Practices In Situ” Across and Beyond: A transmediale Reader on Post-Digital Art, Research and Critical Practice, eds. Ryan Bishop, Kristoffer Gansing and Jussi Parikka. Berlin: Sternberg, 78-91.
(2016) “Planetary Goodbyes: Post-History and Future Memories of an Ecological Past” in Memory in Motion. Archives, Technology and the Social, Edited by Ina Blom, Trond Lundemo, and Eivind Rossaak. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2016, 129-152.
(2016) “The Signal Haunted Cold War: The Persistence of the SIGINT Ontology” in Cold War Legacies: Systems, Theory, Aesthetics, eds. John Beck and Ryan Bishop. Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh Press, 2016, 167-187.
(2016) “So-called Nature: Friedrich Kittler and Ecological Media Materialism” in Sustainable Media: Critical Approaches to Media and Environment, eds. Nicole Starosielski and Janet Walker. New York and London: Routledge.
(2015) “The City and the City: London 2012 and the Visual (Un)commons” in Postdigital Aesthetics: Art, Computation and Design, edited by David M. Berry and Michael Dieter. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 203-218.
(2015) “Viral Ecologies: A Brief Media Archaeology of Software and Artificial Life” in New Media, Old Media. 2nd revised edition. Eds. Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Thomas Keenan and Anna Watkins Fisher. New York: Routledge.
(2015) “What Can a Body of Code Do? Ethologies of Software Culture and Art” in Networked Affect, eds. Ken Hillis, Susanna Paasonen and Michael Petit. MIT Press.
(2014) “Media Archaeology: From Turing to Abbey Road, Kentish Radar Stations to Bletchley Park” in the Routledge Companion to British Media History, edited by M.D.Conboy and J.Steel.
(2014) “History of Computers” in The Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media Emerson, Ryan and Robertson, eds. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, pp.249-254.
(2014) “Viral Aesthetics” in The Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media Emerson, Ryan and Robertson, eds. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, pp. 500-502
(2013)”DIY Futurology: Erkki Kurenniemi’s Signal Based Cosmology” in Kurenniemi – A Man From the Future (ebook). Helsinki, 2013.
(2013) “Learning from Network Dysfunctionality: Accidents, Enterprise, and Small Worlds of Infection.” With Tony D. Sampson, for the Blackwell Companion to New Media Dynamics, edited by John Hartley, Jean Burges and Axel Bruns. Wiley-Blackwell, 450-460.
(2013) “Machinic Conservation – Data Carvery and The Temporality of Technical Time” in Preservation of Digital Art: Theory and Practice, edited by Bernhard Serexhe. Springer Verlag.
(2013) “Archival Media Theory: An Introduction to Wolfgang Ernst’s Media Archaeology” in Digital Memory and the Archive, by Wolfgang Ernst. Edited by Jussi Parikka Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1-22.
(2012) “Primacy of Movement: Variation, Intermediality and Biopolitics in Tero Saarinen’s Dance Piece Hunt.” (with Milla Tiainen). In: Carnal Knowledge, edited by Barbara Bolt and Estelle Barrett. (London: IB Tauris), 202-224.
(2012) “Dust Matter” in Depletion Design, edited by Carolin Wiedemann & Soenke Zehle, Amsterdam: INC.
(2012) “Archives in Media Theory: Material Media Archaeology and Digital Humanities” in Understanding Digital Humanities, edited by David M. Berry, Palgrave McMillan.
(2011) “Mapping Noise: Techniques and Tactics of Irregularities, Interception, and Disturbance,” in Media Archaeology, eds. Erkki Huhtamo & Jussi Parikka. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.
(2011) “Introduction: Towards and Archaeology of Media Archaeology,” (with Erkki Huhtamo) in Media Archaeology, eds. Huhtamo and Parikka. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.
(2010) ‘Ethologies of Software Art: What Can a Digital Body of Code Do?’ In: Deleuze and Contemporary Art, edited by Simon O’Sullivan and Stephen Zepke. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.
(2009) “Archives of Software: Computer Viruses and the Aesthesis of Media Accidents,” In The Spam Book: On Viruses, Porn, and Other Anomalies from the Dark Side of Digital Culture. Eds. Jussi Parikka & Tony Sampson. Cresskill: Hampton Press, 105-124.
(2009) “On Anomalous Objects of Network Culture. An Introduction,” (with Tony D. Sampson) In The Spam Book. Eds. Parikka & Sampson. Cresskill: Hampton Press, 1-18.
(2008) “Insect Technics.” In: (Un)Likely Alliance – Thinking the Environment(s) with Deleuze/Guattari, edited by Bernd Herzogenrath. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 339-362.
(2008) “Copy.” In: Software Studies. Edited by Matthew Fuller. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press. Translated into Polish in Kultury Popularnej 4/2008.
(2007) “Fictitious Viruses – Computer Virus in the Science-Fiction Literature of the 1970s.” In: SciFi in the Minds Eye: Reading Science Through Science Fiction. Edited by Margret Grebowicz. Open Court Publishing, 165-183.
(2005) “Saving the Material – Towards a Rhizomatic Reading of Texts”. In: Proceedings for the History in Words and Images Conference. Edited by Hannu Salmi. Turku: University of Turku.

5. Articles in Finnish journals

(2006) “Kohti materiaalisen ja uuden kulttuurianalyysia, eli representaation hyödystä ja haitasta elämälle.” (With Milla Tiainen). Kulttuurintutkimus 2/2006, 3-20. [Towards a neomaterialist agenda of cultural analysis]. Also published in 2012 in: Tulkinnan polkuja. Kulttuurihistorian tutkimusmenetelmiä (University of Turku, 2012).
(2006) “Molekulaariset metamorfoosit“. Widerscreen 3/2005.
(2005) “Kulttuurianalyysista, soonisuudesta ja tapojen muuttamisesta”. (Milla Tiaisen kanssa). Esittely Kulttuurintutkimus-lehdessä 2/05. (Report).
(2004) “Yksi vai monta järkeä?” Lähikuva 1/2004. 70-74.
(2004) ” Ajattelu, hulluus ja kulttuuritieteet”. Lähikuva 4/2003, s. 70-73.
(2004) “Interaktiivisuuden kolme kritiikkiä”. Lähikuva 2-3/2004. S. 83-97. [Three critiques of interactivity.]
(2004) “Aidsia, aivoja, rakkauden tunnustuksia ja mustia kostajia. Tietokoneviruksen kulttuurihistoriaa”. Tekniikan Waiheita 2/2004.
(2003): “Aivokontrolli: ajattelu kybernetiikan aikakaudella”. – Lähikuva 2/03, s. 49-62. [Brain Control: Images of Thought in the Age of Cybernetics.]
(2003) “Miksi mediatutkijoiden pitäisi kiinnostua aivoista?”. (With Pasi Väliaho) – Lähikuva 2/03, s. 3-9. [Introduction: Why should media studies be interested in brains?]
(2003) “Liike, paikka, havainto – mobiili kuvaruutu ja pelaamisen uudet ulottuvuudet”. Widerscreen 2/2003.
(2003) “Johdanto: Mediataide – kriittinen ääni teknologian ja kapitalismin aikakaudella”. Widerscreen 4/2003.
(2003) “Taide, sukupuoli ja teknologia – Marita Liulian haastattelu”. Widerscreen 4/2003.
(2002) “Maailma kuvaruudulla – kyberpunk virtuaalisen kaupunkimaiseman kartografiana” – Widerscreen 2-3/2002,
(2002) “Ihmisen ja koneen tuolla puolen – 1980-luvun kyberpunk-kirjallisuuden tarjoamat mallit kyborgiselle identiteetille”. – Kulttuurintutkimus 1/2002, s.7-15. English abstract.

6. Articles in books (Finnish)

(2012) “Kohti materiaalisen ja uuden kulttuurianalyysia, tai representaation hyödystä ja haitasta elämälle.” With Milla Tiainen,in Tulkinnan polkuja. Kulttuurihistorian tutkimusmenetelmiä (University of Turku, 2012), 322-348.
(2008) “Ajattelun ja aistimisen oikosulkuja: media-arkeologia ja tulemisen problematiikka.” In: In Medias Res. Mannermaista mediafilosofiaa. Olli-Jukka Jokisaari, Jussi Parikka ja Pasi Väliaho (eds.). Eetos: Turku.
(2006) “Virus”. In: Uuden työn sanakirja. Mikko Jakonen, Jukka Peltokoski, Akseli Virtanen (eds.) Tutkijaliitto: Helsinki.
(2006) “Informaatioteknologia.” In: Uuden työn sanakirja. Mikko Jakonen, Jukka Peltokoski, Akseli Virtanen (eds.) Tutkijaliitto: Helsinki.
(2006) ” Tietoyhteiskunnan virukset: kapitalismi ja digitaalinen terveydenhuolto”. In: Välimuistiin kirjoitetut. Lukuja Suomen tietoteknistymisen kulttuurihistoriaan. K&H: Turku, pp. 178-203.
(2005) “Historiallisia sarjakytkentöjä – Friedrich Kittlerin mediateknologiset verkostot.” In: Kimi Kärki & Hanna Järvinen (eds.): Avaintekstejä kulttuurihistoriaan. K&H Publications, Turku, pp. 220-237. [“Historical Wirings: Friedrich Kittler’s Mediatechnological Networks”].
(2004) ” Tietokoneen seksitaudit – Digitaalisuus, tietokonevirukset ja kosketuksen pelko”. In: Jaakko Suominen & Ulla Paunonen (eds.): Digirakkaus.
(2004) “Mihin pystyy koneellinen keho? Koneista, ruumiista ja niiden liitoksista”. – In: Teemu Taira ja Pasi Väliaho (eds.): Vastarintaa nykyisyydelle.. Näkökulmia Gilles Deleuzen filosofiaan. [“What a Technological Body Can Do? On Bodies, Machines and Interconnections”].
(2003) “Ihmisestä teknologiaan – Friedrich Kittlerin materialistinen mediahistoria”. In: Ollitervo, Parikka & Väntsi (eds.): Kohtaamisia ajassa – kulttuurihistoria ja tulkinnan teoria. Kulttuurihistoria-Cultural History -sarja, Turun yliopisto. [“The Materialist Media History of Friedrich Kittler”].
(2003) “Johdanto: tulkinta ja kulttuurihistoria”. (With Sakari Ollitervo and Timo Väntsi) – In: Sakari Ollitervo, Jussi Parikka & Timo Väntsi (eds.): Kohtaamisia ajssa. Kulttuurihistoria ja tulkinnan teoria, k & h, Cultural History-Kulttuurihistoria 3, Turku, 7-12.

7. Selected Book-reviews

(2015) The Container Principle — A review of Alexander Klose’s The Container Principle (The MIT Press, 2015) in Leonardo Digital Reviews August 2015
(2014) “On Designerization of Media Culture in the Age of Software” — a review of Manovich’s Software Takes Command (Bloomsbury). Cultural Politics Vol. 10, 3, November 2014.
(2014) “Avatars of Media Theory”– a review of Galloway, Thacker and Wark’s Excommunication (Chicago University Press). Radical Philosophy 185.
(2013) “A Sleep Walker’s Guide to Media Theory – a review of Tony Sampson’s Virality (University of Minnesota Press, 2012). Theory, Culture & Society.
(2012) A Review of Dominic Pettman, Human Error: Species-Being and Media Machines (University of Minnesota Press, 2011) in Radical Philosophy 173.
(2012) Remodelling Communication — A Review of Gary Genosko, Remodelling Communication from WWII to WWW (Toronto University Press, 2012) Leonardo Online Reviews July 2012.
· (2011) The Philosophy of Software — a review of David M. Berry’s The Philosophy of Software. Code and Mediation in the Digital Age (Palgrave, 2011) Leonardo Online Reviews, September 2011.
· (2011) Affect and Artificial Intelligence — a review of Elizabeth Wilson’s Affect and Artificial Intelligence (University of Washington Press 2010) Leonardo On-Line Reviews, June 2011.
·  (2010) Blog Theory — a review of Jodi Dean’s Blog Theory: Feedback and Capture in the Circuits of Desire (Polity Press 2010) Leonardo On-Line Reviews December 2010.
· (2010) Premediation — a review of Richard Grusin’s Premediation: Affect and Mediality after 9/11 (Palgrave 2010) Leonardo On-Line Reviews October 2010.
· (2009) Bioethics in the Age of New Media — a review of Joanna Zylinska’s Bioethics in the Age of New Media (MIT Press 2009). Leonardo On-Line Reviews
· (2009) Animal Spirits — a review of Matteo Pasquinelli’s Animal Spirits. A Bestiary of the Commons (NAi Publishers, 2008). Leonardo On-Line Reviews May 2009.
· (2009) The Allure of Machinic Life — a review of John Johnston’s The Allure of Machinic Life (MIT 2008). Leonardo On-Line Reviews April 2009.
· (2008) The Art of Artificial Evolution — a review of Romedo & Machado (eds) The Art of Artificial Evolution: A Handbook on Evolutionary Art and Music (Springer 2008). Leonardo On-Line Reviews November 2008.
· (2007) “Digging Experimentality.” – Siegfried Zielinski: Deep Time of the Media. Toward an Archaeology of Hearing and Seeing by Technical Means. (MIT Press, 2006). Digital Creativity vol. 18, issue 3/2007.
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· (2006) “Muutamia sommitelmia tulevaisuuden ajatteluksi”.- Deleuze,Gilles: Haastatteluja, Tutkijaliitto 2005 ja Deleuze, Gilles: Nietzsche ja filosofia, Summa 2005. Kulttuurintutkimus 1/2006.
· (2006) “Imperiumi ja väki joka sitä asuttaa”. – Hardt, Michael & Negri, Antonio: Imperiumi, WSOY 2005. Kulttuurintutkimus 4/2005.
· (2005) “Kuvaileva esitys kulttuurihistoriasta.” – Burke, Peter: What is Cultural History? Polity Press, 2004. Ennen ja Nyt 4/2005.
· (2005) “Vastakuva mediakulttuurista” – Debord, Guy: Spektaakkelin yhteiskunta, Summa 2005. Agricolan kirja-arvostelut.
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· (2004) “Markiisi de Sade ja modernin perverssi kulttuurihistoria”. – Markiisi de Sade: Filosofia budoaarissa. Summa 2003. Agricolan kirja-arvostelupalvelu.
· (2003) “Uuden ja oudon taide“. – Hautamäki, Irmeli: Avantgarden alkuperä. Modernin estetiikka Baudelairesta Warholiin. Gaudeamus: Helsinki 2003. Widerscreen 4/2003.
· (2003) “Mistä syntyi informaatio?” – Armand Mattelart: Informaatioyhteiskunnan historia, Vastapaino. Historiallinen aikakauskirja 1/2003.
· (2003) “Tietokonepelit johdatuksena mediakulttuuriin” – Erkki Huhtamo & Sonja Kangas (toim.): Mariosofia. Elektronisten pelien kulttuuri, Gaudeamus. Kulttuurintutkimus 20(2003):1.
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