Academic Education

· Doctor of Philosophy, June 2007. Cultural History, University of Turku.

· Licentiate of Philosophy, 2004. Cultural History. University of Turku.

· Master of Arts (MA), 2002. Cultural History. University of Turku.
· Doctoral Thesis (May 2007): Digital Contagions. A Media Archaeology of Computer Worms and Viruses. Disputation 5.5.2007, (opponent Dr. Charlie Gere). Graded Laudatur.
· Licentiate thesis (December 2003): Koneoppi. Ihmisen ja teknologian liitokset nykykulttuurissa ja kulttuuritieteissä (Cultural History, University of Turku) 2.12.2003. Defense 28.1.2004 (opponents professor Jukka Sihvonen ja professor Jaakko Suominen). Graded eximia cum laude appprobatur.
· Pro gradu -MA thesis (August 2001): Kapitalismi, kone, kapina – 1980-luvun kyberpunk ja kyberkulttuuri kapitalistis-teknologisoituvassa maailmassa. Graded eximia cum laude approbatur.
Current Position

· Reader in Media & Design, Winchester School of Art (University of Southampton), 1.6.2011-
· Adjunct Professor (dosentti) in Digital Culture Theory, School of Cultural Production and Landscape Studies, University of Turku, Finland
·  Honorary Visiting Research Fellow, Anglia Ruskin University (CoDE-institute), 1.6.2011-
·  Adjunct Research Scholar, International Institute for Popular Culture, University of Turku, 1.5.2007-

Previous positions

· Reader and Pathway Leader in Media Studies, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. 1.1.2009-31.5.2011
· Director of Cultures of the Digital Economy-institute (CoDE), 1.1.2010-31.5.2011
· Co-Director (with Dr. Joss Hands) of the Anglia Research Centre in Digital Culture (ArcDigital) until 31.5.2011
· Senior Lecturer in Media Studies, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. 1.9.2007-31.12.2008.
· Research Scholar, University of Turku, Cultural History / Finnish Cultural Foundation. 1.1.2004-30.6.2007.
· Visiting Lecturer & Scholar, Department of Media Studies, Humboldt University, Berlin, 1.2.2007-30.8.2007
· Visiting Scholar, Department of Media Studies, Humboldt University, Berlin, 1.3.2006-30.5.2006.
· Visiting Research Scholar, Amsterdam Institute for Cultural Analysis (ASCA), University of Amsterdam. 1.1.2005-30.6.2005.
· Visiting Lecturer, School of Critical and Historical Studies, University of Brighton, November 2004 (Week 48)
· Project Research Scholar, Information Technology in Finland after World War II: The Actors and Their Experiences-project, Department of Cultural History, University of Turku 15.3.-15.5. 2004
· Senior Lecturer (acting) Department of Digital Culture, University of Turku, 1.8.2003 – 31.12.2003
· Project Research Scholar, Department of Digital Culture, University of Turku, 9.9.2002 – 31.7.2003
· Reporter, Aboa & Globe newspaper 1.6.2001-31.8.2001
· Freelance-journalist 1.1.1999-8.9.2002.
Research grants and scholarships received during the past five years

· Humboldt-Foundation post-doc fellowship, placement at Humboldt University Berlin, Media Studies, Spring 2011
· Short-term fellowship, Science Museum, London, 2011
· AHRC Networking Grant, Co-Pi with Dr Joss Hands: New Configurations for Network Politics (2 year grant, 2009-2011)
· Finnish Cultural Foundation, 1/2 year grant for a post-doc book on Insect Media.
· Finnish Cultural Foundation, as part of the translation team for Charlie Gere’s Digital Culture.
· Antti ja Jenny Wihuri foundation, for studying at the ASCA-institute, Amsterdam
· The Finnish Cultural Foundation (February 2004) 3 year grant for dissertation
· Emil Aaltonen foundation(30.4.2003) 1/2 year grant for dissertation.
· The Finnish Cultural Foundation (10.12.2002) 1/2 year grant for dissertation on computer viruses.
Positions of Trust, Memberships, etc.

· Member of the Editorial Board for Fibreculture-journal
· Member of the Leonardo Digital Reviews Panel
· Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
· Arts Future Book-series at Gylphi, editorial board member

As an organizer of conferences, workshops etc.

· Platform Politics-conference, co-organizer, Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin, April 2011
· Network Politics: Objects, Subjects and New Political Affects, Toronto, Ryerson University, co-organizer, October 2010
· New Materialist Cultural Analysis-conference, CoDE-institute, Cambridge, co-organizer, June 2010
· Network Politics-conference, March 2010, Cambridge, UK
· Time Based Media Arts-symposium, co-convenor with Dr. Simon Payne, 28th November, 2008, Anglia Ruskin University.
· Network Objects-panel (on Spam), co-organizer with Tony Sampson, New Network Theory-conference, June 2007, Amsterdam.
· Ecologies of Media, Culture and Experimention-workshop co-organiser, SLSA-conference, Amsterdam, June 2006.
· Affects, Sounds and Cultural Theory-seminar co-organiser, University of Turku, 23.5.2006.
· Cross Media Entertainment as a driver for IST uptake -workshop organizer, Milan, Italy, 4.10.2003
· Mobile Entertainment Interest Group -workshop organizer, Cannes, France 17.2.2003

Teaching Experience

· Subject topics include (from undegraduate to postgraduate teaching):

· Introduction to Digital Culture
· Archaeology and Accidents of Network Culture (taught at Humboldt University)
· Media, Culture and Identity
· Media Genres
· History of Media Industries
· Technoculture
· The Interconnections of Man and Machine (Cyborg Discourses)
· The Cultural History of Computing (on-line course).
· The Cultural History of Internet
· Media Ecologies of Computer Viruses and Worms
· Digital Games and Media Culture
· Theme seminar on cultural history of technology, design and material culture (for graduate students).


· currently supervising 4 PhD students (both in the UK and in Finland). Subject topics include activism and public visual space (Creative practice based work), media ecology of network culture, photography and object-oriented philosophy and the image-text relations in creative archival practices.

· Interested in supervising in a range of areas, including: media archaeology, media theory, new media and network cultures, cyberculture, new materialism, and technoculture.

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