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Past talks archived

– Media Archaeology-panel discussion and book launch-event in Berlin 15/7/2011 – with Wolfgang Ernst, Claus Pias and Anthony Enns.
– “MediaNatures“-talk at Humboldt University MediaSoup-colloquium, June 8, 2011.
– a talk at University of Malmö Medea lab on media archaeological art (April 2011).
– podcast of my Zombie Media talk, Coventry University, January 2011
– stream recording of my Media Archaeology and New Media Studies-talk, at ARU, Cambridge February 2011

Past talks 

– January 8-10, panel/talk at USCD, California
– January/February, at transmediale (Berlin)
– February 7, a talk in Istanbul at Aksanat-gallery
– February 11, panel discussion on history & technology in London at the Finnish Institute
– March 8-18, UNSW in Sydney, talks part of the Distinguished Scholar-visit: two talks and a masterclass on cultural techniques/media theory
– April 21-22, talks in Geneva (University of Art and Design)
– April 23, a talk in Grenoble, France
– May 13, Geology of Media-launch event at Winchester School of Art at 5 pm, Winchester Gallery.
– May 15, A talk at the Technology is the New Magic-event, Central St. Martins (London)
– May 20, Geology of Media-talk in Vienna
– May 21, A talk at the Anthropocene/Capitalocene-event in Utrecht/BAK
– May 28 a talk on humanities/media archaeology labs in Linköping, Sweden
– May 30, Geology of Media-talk and book launch at the Index-gallery in Stockholm, Sweden
– June 16, The Image of the Network-event at Winchester School of Art
– August 3-7, talks in Brazil (Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), including at the Secret Life of Objects-conference
– September 25, A talk in the Media Archaeology-seminar at Sorbonne 3, INHA, Paris
– October, Brown-university
– November 4-6, convening a panel on digital humanities labs and media archaeology labs, at the Media Art Histories 2015 /Renew-conference in Montreal, Canada.

– February 2014, at transmediale (Berlin).
– February, 21, New Materialism and/or Post-Structuralism-panel, Sussex University, Brighton.
– February 27, Cold War Continuities-symposium
– March 27, an invited talk at the University of London (Institute of English), Media History-seminar.
– June, a keynote at the Deleuze and the New Humanities-conference in Hong Kong
– July 1, a talk at the Leuphana University on the fellowship project “geophysics and simulated media ecology”
– June 26-28, keynote at the Cloud & Molecular Aesthetics-conference, Istanbul, Turkey.
– August 21-23, keynote at the Memory and Media-conference, Stockholm, Sweden.
– September, keynote in Bradford (UK), at the National Media Museum at the Media Archaeology-conference.
– September 25-26, keynote at New Materialist Methodologies: Gender, Politics, The Digital, Barcelona, Spain.
– October 21nd a talk at Goldsmiths
– October 24, a talk at Birkbeck
– December, Social Memory-event, Oslo

– January 16-18 – A General Ecology of Media and Technology, invited  speaker, Ruhr University in Bochum,
– January 23, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London, invited talk
– February 2013, transmediale 2012-conference: a book launch, and participation in two other panels. Organizer of one panel as part of the new WSA and tm partnership. Berlin.
– March 6 – What is Media Archaeology? University of Nottingham, invited talk
– March 12, University of Linnkoping, Sweden
– March 20, Digital Culture: Anomalies, Archaeology and Contagion-seminar and book launch (What is Media Archaeology?), with Tony Sampson (Virality) at Kings College, London.
– March 25, “Not Just Media Studies”, invited talk at Kadir Has University, Istanbul
– April 17, keynote at the Digital Media and Memory-symposium, University of Glasgow.
– April 25, a short talk at Central Saint Martins, London
– May 2nd, invited talk for the International Institute for Popular Culture (IIPC) at University of Turku on “Media Culture and its Trash”
– May 27-28, A keynote at the “The re/turn of the nonhuman in the study of culture concepts – concerns – challenges”-conference, University of Giessen, Germany.
– June 13, Hannover, Germany, Keynote
– June 15, Hamburg, Germany, an invited talk
– June 21, invited keynote at the Media Archaeology and Debris-seminar, Goldsmiths College, London
– June 24, invited talk at a symposium on media materialism, London
– August 14, invited panelist and panel organiser for the Aboagora 2013-conference, Turku, Finland
– October 16, an invited talk on media archaeology and German media theory at New School on Media Archaeology.
– October 18-19, keynote at the Network_ecology-symposium, Duke University, US.
– October 21, an invited talk at Cornell University: Geology of Media.

Past talks (2012)

– January 11, Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, invited talk and seminar (10.00-13.00)
– February 3rd, invited presentation at the Transmediale 2012-festival, Berlin, panel: Uncorporated Subversion: Tactics, Glitches, Archaeologies.
– February 5th, Panel discussion at the Transmediale-festival and conference, Berlin
– February 10, an invited talk – University of California, Santa Barbara (via Skype).
– February 24th, panel participant on the topic of Art and Artificial Life, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona.
– March 21st, University of East London, mini-symposium Nonrepresentation: Affect/Desire/Politics
– March 27 & 28, Cultures of the Digital Economy-conference keynote at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.
– April 2012: Keynote at Miami University (Ohio) – Network Archaeologies
– May 2nd, Bradford (at the National Media Museum), invited talk as part of the Timecode-series.
– May 23, 2012: “What is Media Archaeology”, invited talk at Cambridge University, CRASSH.
– May 31, 2012: Keynote for the Canadian Communication Association Conference
– June 29, 2012: Media Matters as Ecology-lecture, Dublin, Ireland
– August 29 2012: Future of Media Theory-lecture at University of Amsterdam
– October 15, talk in London at Goldsmiths College (Fine Art)
– October 30, invited talk at the Film Studies research seminar, University of Southampton
– November 8, “Parallel Visuals” talk at Sabanci University, Istanbul
– November 10-11, Amber-festival, Istanbul
– November 21-23, 2012: Keynote at Code-conference, Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia. Also giving a “masterclass” on media archaeology and cultural techniques as part of the event.

Past Talks (2011)

– Lincoln University, 21/2/2011, on Insect Media
– Launch of Insect Media in Cambridge, 22/2/2011, Anglia Ruskin University, Helmore 251, 5 pm
– Launch of Insect Media in Berlin, at, Schönhauser Allee 167c, 4/3/2011, 7 pm.
– “Insect Game Theory: Roger Caillois as a Media Theorist”-talk at Utrecht University, 6/4/2011
– “MediaNatures, or Why Does Nature Do It Better”-talk as part of the New Materialism symposium, Utrecht University, 7/4/2011
– “Media Archaeology as Artistic Methodology” talk at University of Malmö, Sweden, 28/4/2011.
– Co-convener of Platform Politics, Cambridge, ARU, 11/5/-13/5/2011

“MediaNatures” talk at the Media Studies colloquium MediaSoup, Berlin Humboldt University, 8/6/2011.
– workshop participation at the NECS conference in London (June 2011). My talk on Friday June 24 as part of the Teaching Media Archaeology workshop, organized by Wanda Strauven (UvA).
– a promotional event for the Media Archaeology-book talk with guests (Claus Pias, Paul DeMarinis, Wolfgang Ernst and myself; organized in collaboration with Paul Feigelfeld).  Berlin 15/7/2011.

– Invited talk at Animal Ecologies in Visual Culture -symposium (UCL, London) on Insect Media, 8/10.
– Lunchbite talk at the Culture Lab, University of Newcastle, October 20.
– invited speaker at the Rhythm & Event-conference, London, October 29.
– Invited talk at University of Aarhus, Denmark – November 4, 2011. canceled
– Keynote at the “Amber Art and Technology Festival“, Istanbul, November 12.
– At the In/compatible conference and PhD seminar, Berlin, November 17-19.
– Invited talk, Strasbourg Ecole supérieure des arts décoratifs, Digital Art Preservation-symposium 24-25/11.

– A keynote at the Technologies of Memory-conference, December 9-10, 2011, University of Oslo.

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