· A new interview in November magazine (December 2022)
· A new interview on Czech radio (December 2022)
· Co je to archeologie médií?  – the Czech translation of What is Media Archaeology? is published (October 2022)
· The Lab Book is published! (April 2022)
· The Weather Engines exhibition opens in Athens at Onassis Stegi (April 2022)
· The Portuguese (Brazil) translation of What is Media Archaeology? is out as O que é a arqueologia das mídias? (August 2021)
·  Elected as member of the Academia Europaea (June 2021).
· Geology of Media translated into Spanish — Caja Negra publisher.(March 2021)
· A new interview in Spanish (March 2021)
· Photography Off the Scale is published (January 2021)
· A contract signed (with University of Minnesota Press) for the book Operational Images (August 2020).
· Our audiovisual essay Seed, Image, Ground (with Abelardo Gil-Fournier) is out! (August 2020)
· My article on Tomas Saraceno’s work is out in Configurations journal (July 2020).
· A new interview in the Strelka Mag (April 2020)
· A new interview in Italian Artribune on media archaeology (April 2020).
· The Lab Book has been submitted to the publisher! (March 2020)
· The Czech translation of Geology of Media is out now! (March 2020)
· The Italian translation of What is Media Archaeology? is out: Archeologia dei Media . (November 2019).
· The academic year 2019-2020 I will be visiting professor/chair of media archaeology at University of Udine in Italy.
·  A new French review of Qu’est-ce que l’archéologie des médias ? translation
·  New book! Our co-authored short book Remain (part of the Terms of Media series by Meson Press and University of Minnesota Press) is out! (April 2019)
· Project funding! Operational Images and Visual Culture project has been awarded a five year EXPRO grant by the Czech Science Academy. I will be the project leader (2019-2023).
· Library’s Other Intelligences art project launches in Helsinki! (January 2019)
· New essay published: “Inventing Pasts and Futures: Media Archaeology and Speculative Design” in the book New Media Archaeologies. (January 2019).
· The Anthrobscene (partly) translated into Polish in Prace Kulturoznawcze [“Papers in Cultural Studies”]. (January 201)
· The Library’s Other Intelligences curatorial art project public launch (May 2018).
· Qu’est-ce que l’archéologie des média? reviewed – review online. (May 2018)
·  “Écrire autrement l’histoire des médias “ – a new interview out in French (April 2018).
· The French translation of What is Media Archaeology? published – Qu’est-ce que l’archéologie des média? (January 2018).
· A new article published: Middle-East and Other Futurisms. (December 2017).
· Interview: “Güncel kültürlerin kazı alanı: Medyaların arkeolojisi” (December 2017).
· What is Media Archaeology? published in Turkish as Medya Arkeolojisi Nedir? (September 2017).
· Chromasoids: A video interview with me in the context of the Istanbul Design Biennale 2016 discussing our project on Middle East, Automata, and more. (August 2017).
· Politics of Swarms-article (Parallax, 2008) comes out as a German translation ”Die Biopolitik der Schwärme” in the book Politische Tiere (July 2017).
· A new article in Fibreculture: “The Sensed Smog” (July 2017).
· Insect Media comes out as a Polish translation: Owady i media (June 2017).
· A podcast conversation with Haroon Mirza is published and online (May 2017).
· Our “Media Archaeology of Ingenious Devices”-section is part of the Istanbul Design Biennial (October-November 2016).
· a short text on Insect Media, “Kas yra vabzdžių medijos?“, published in Lithuanian (August 2016)
· The 2nd, updated edition of Digital Contagions is published (August 2016)
· An Outstanding Academic Title for 2015 for A Geology of Media in the Choice magazine (January 2016).
· Jesper Olsson reviews A Geology of Media in the online journal Spheres (December 2015).
· A new review of A Geology of Media in Afterimage-journal vol.43 (3) (December 2015)
· An interview with me in the inaugural issue of Digital Culture & Society-journal “A Geology Of Media And A New Materialism” (October 2015)
· Writing and Unwriting (Media) Art History: Erkki Kurenniemi in 2048 is now out from MIT Press! We co-edited the volume of writings by Kurenniemi and critical essays with Joasia Krysa (September 2015)
· A new issue of Journal of Contemporary Archaeology is – it is a special issue on media archaeology and includes also an essay by me (August 2015).
· New reviews of A Geology of Media in Theory, Culture & Society and Furtherfield (June 2015).
· A new interview in Kunstkritikk: “Constitution of Worlds” (May 2015).
· A short text in German: “Die Digitale Seuche. Computer Viren in den 1980er Jahren”. Retro #34. (April 2015).
· In March 2015 I am Distinguished Visiting Scholar at UNSW in Sydney.
·  A new video interview – from my MECS-period (December 2014)
· The Anthrobscene-ebook is now out and available! (November 2014)
· I have a chapter in The Routledge Companion to British Media History which is out now (October 2014).
· I was interviewed in the Modern Weekly (Shanghai) on insect media (September 2014).
· I have been invited to join MECS at Leuphana (Lüneburg) for the summer term as Senior Fellow (June-August 2014).
· A review of What is Media Archaeology?  in the International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, (2014)
· What is Media Archaeology? was reviewed in Discourse and in Media, Culture & Society too.
· Paul Feigelfeld translated Kittler’s text on the NSA: No Such Agency. We wrote a short introduction to the text with Paul (February 2014).
· My article on Kittler is available now in the Archiv für Mediengeschichte (January 2014)
· A new review of Media Archaeology: Approaches, Applications and Implications in Senses of Cinema (December 2013)
· “Under the Hood of Wolfgang Ernst’s Media Archeology” – a review of the Ernst-book by Liam Young (September 2013)
· I published a new article in the European Journal of Media Studies. The text is on medianatures and “media zoology” in waste context (November 2013)
· A new review of What is Media Archaeology? in New Formations (November 2013).
· A new essay on dust – (“Dust and Exhaustion: The Labor of New Materialism”) is out now in the Ctheory-journal (October 2013).
· What is Media Archaeology? was reviewed in New Media & Society (August 2013). Another review came out in European Journal of Communication (June 2013).
· A new review of both What is Media Archaeology? and Media Archaeology in Screen
· I was interviewed for Today’s Zaman, a Turkish newspaper (June 2013)
· Wired (UK) featured Insect Media (May 2013).
· A new article following up on Insect Media is out, discussing “medianatures”:  “Insects and Canaries: Medianatures and the Aesthetics of the Invisible”.  Angelaki: the Journal of Theoretical Humanities 18:1, 107-119. (May 2013)
· Laurence Raw has reviewed What is Media Archaeology? for the Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television. (April 2013).
· I was interviewed for the Independent about spam (April 2013).
· Recent reviews of Insect Media include one video review in Itineration (March 2013) and a review in Biosocieties (already from 2011). A short review “Insects and Technology” appeared in Gnovis (April 2013).
· A new interview: New Materialism and Non-Humanisation (interviewed by Michael Dieter, for the Speculative Realities-ebook, V2-institute, Jan 2013).
· I am thrilled to announce that the book Wolfgang Ernst: Digital Memory and the Archive, edited with an introduction by me, has just come out from University of Minnesota Press – their Electronic Mediations-series (Jan 2013)!
·  Petra Löffler’s “Towards a new media archaeology? A report on some books and tendencies” in Necsus (Spring 2012)
· What is Media Archaeology? has been reviewed in Literary & Linguistic Computation and Reviews in HistoryThe latter also contains  my response. (December 2012)
· New reviews of Insect Media in Information, Communication & Society, in  Enculturation, returning to some earlier OOO discussions even! (October 2012) and  in The Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory 20 (2012).
· A new review of Media Archaeology: Approaches, Applications and Implications (Huhtamo & Parikka) in Information, Communication & Society (Sept 2012).
· “Zombie Media” is finally out! This is the piece (co-authored with Garnet Hertz) on media archaeological art methods and circuit bending that got nominated for the Transmediale (theory) award back then, and now out in Leonardo-journal Volume 45, Number 5, 2012.
· Anglia Ruskin University and the CoDE-institute have extended my Honorary Visiting Fellowship for another two years (August 2012)
· A new interview with me in Figure/Ground. (July 2012).
· Mark Coté has written a new review of Insect Media in Theory & Event vol. 15, issue 1! (March 2012). It was also reviewed recently in Women’s Studies Quarterly (WSQ) alongside Jodi Dean and Steven Shaviro’s books (July 2012).
· Insect Media has won the SCMS Anne Friedberg award for Innovative Scholarship! (March 2012)
· New article out: a short text “New Materialism as Media Theory: Medianatures and Dirty Matter” in Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies. (Feb 2012)
· My short article on Friedrich Kittler in The Guardian (29/10/2011).
· A new review of the Spam Book in Cultural Politics (2011),  Journal of Communication (September 2010) and in Mute Magazine (May 2010).

A Geology of Media
University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, 2015
‘Jussi Parikka’s A Geology of Media really expands what media theory can do. The materiality of media is no longer restricted to questions of economies or technics but extends all the way to its molecular composition. It connects the fast calculations of digital time to the deepest of temporalities, that of the earth itself. An essential contribution to a media theory for the Anthropocene.’
– Mackenzie Wark, New School


What is Media Archaeology?
Polity Press: Cambridge (UK), 2012

‘Jussi Parikka offers a lucid, concise, and highly readable account of a new and exciting field – media archaeology. He demonstrates that contemporary media forms are rooted to the past by multiple threads – untangling them helps us understand the media frenzy that currently surrounds us.’
Erkki Huhtamo, University of California Los Angeles

‘A fabulous map of media archaeology that, as its subject compels, produces its territory anew.’
Matthew Fuller, Goldsmiths

‘The most comprehensive coverage to date of this fascinating area of study. Parikka’s book offers an excellent overview of connections between the material and social aspects of media technology. He provides a thorough review of the diverse and sometimes contrasting theoretical foundations and provides a host of concrete examples of media-archaeological practice that serve to bridge the gap between heady theoretical trajectories and the concerns of practicing artists, users and other readers who take their technology seriously.’
Paul DeMarinis, Stanford University

· A review in the International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, vol. 10, issue 1, 2014
· What is Media Archaeology? was reviewed in New Media & Society (August 2013).
·  A review of the book in European Journal of Communication (June 2013 vol. 28 no. 3, pp. 349-350).
· Laurence Raw has reviewed What is Media Archaeology? for the Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television. (April 2013).
· A  review of What is Media Archaeology? in New Formations (November 2013).
· A review of the book in Discourse (Spring 2013).
· Very happy that Screen-journal reviewed both What is Media Archaeology and Media Archaeology-books in its Spring 2013-issue.
· Media, Culture & Society-journal reviews What is Media Archaeology? (November 2013)
·  A new review of What is Media Archaeology in Neural (April 2013):
· Ben Nicholls’ reviewed the book in Digital Culture & Education (November 2013).
· Reviews in Literary & Linguistic Computation and Reviews in History.

Insect Media: An Archaeology of Animals and Technology
University of Minnesota Press: Minneapolis, December 2010, Posthumanities-series (edited by Cary Wolfe)

“Jussi Parikka challenges our traditional views of the natural and the artificial. Parikka not only understands insects through the lens of of media and mediation, he also unearths an insect logic at the heart of our contemporary fascination with networks, swarming, and intelligent agents. Insect Media is a book that is sure to create a buzz.”
– Eugene Thacker, New School, author of After Life

· Winner of the 2012 Anne Friedberg Award for Innovative Scholarship (Society for Cinema and Media Studies).

· A review in by Jacob Gaboury. Also published in Artlink, vol. 31, no 4, 2011.
· Reviewed in Neural by Michael Dieter
· A review in the Journal of Speculative Realism – Speculations II
· Insect Oriented Media Theory-review by Jennifer Gabrys in Mute Magazine
· “Becoming Insect?”-review in Afterimage vol. 39, no 4, 2011, by Cynthia Cris
· “Two Hopes Built on Swarms”, a review in Biosocieties (2011) by Thomas D. Seeley
· Caroline Bassett writes about Insect Media in Radical Philosophy 173 (May/June 2012).
· Part of the Digital Media-section in The Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory 20 (Oxford University Press, 2012).
· In WSQ 40 (1 & 2, 2012), a joint review with Jodi Dean and Steven Shaviro’s books” “Negotiating Affect in Media/Cultural Studies”
· The Insect Technics of Rhetoric in Enculturation journal (October 2012)
· David Moats reviewed Insect Media for Information, Communication & Society  (December 2012).
· A video review in the new journal Itineration (March 2013).

· A live coding sonic book trailer by Julio D’Escrivan

· A podcast in Cultural Technologies (Bernard D. Geoghegan), “Animal Media” (2012).
· A radio interview on Insect Media (March 21st) with me available as Podcast – (The Irish RTÉ lyric)
· An interview with me by John Protevi on Insect Media.

· Insect Media is book of the week in February for the peer-to-peer foundation site.
· Digital Contagions: A Media Archaeology of Computer Viruses
Peter Lang: New York, 2007, Digital Formations-series (edited by Steve Jones).

“Inspired by the work of Paul Virilio, Friedrich Kittler, and Gilles Deleuze, this
book chronicles the contemporary digital landscape through the menagerie of
email worms and computer viruses that infect and define it. A self-described
media archeologist, Jussi Parikka is both theoretically nuanced and technically
detailed, a welcome relief coming on the heels of dotcom hysteria over digital
hygiene. The result is a becoming-viral of today’s technological culture. It is
essential reading for anyone infected by the digital contagion.”
—Alexander R. Galloway, Assistant Professor, Department of Culture
and Communication, New York University; Author of Protocol and Gaming.

“Digital Contagions is the first book to look at the computer virus as a historical
and cultural phenomenon, rather than simply as a technological issue. It
brilliantly recounts the history of the emergence of such viruses in the context of
other epidemics, and how these different kinds of contagions are ineluctably
bound together in our technologized, digital culture. The book is an essential text
for helping us come to terms with the massive changes this emerging culture is
bringing about.”
—Charlie Gere, Reader in New Media Research, Lancaster University;
Author of Digital Culture and Art and Time and Technology.

· A review by Joseph Nechvatal, published in NewMediaFix and The International Journal of Baudrillard Studies, vol. 5, no.1 (2008) (“Into the Networked World”).
· Another review by Nechvatal, for the Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies (a book of the month for July 2008).
· A review in Neural IT-magazine issue 30 (2008).
· A review (“Virologinen historiantulkinta”) by Seppo Kuivakari, published in Kulttuurintutkimus (Cultural Studies) vol. 24 (2007):4.
· A review by Thomas Waitz, published in Medienwissenschaft Rezensionen/Reviews 1/2008.
· A review by Jukka Kortti, published in Historiallinen Aikakauskirja 1/2008.
· A review by Kari A. Hintikka, in Lähikuva journal 2/2008.
· A review by Jukka Vuorinen in Sosiologia 4/2008.
· A review in Hyperhizz: New Media Cultures (2008).
· A review by Anthony Enns for Leonardo Digital Reviews
· A review by Tero Karppi in Interactions: Studies in Communication and Culture, vol. 1, issue 1.
· a short blog review in Portuguese

The Spam Book: On Porn, Viruses and Other Anomalous Objects of Digital Culture, co-edited with Dr Tony D. Sampson
Hampton Press, 2009

“Parikka and Sampson present the latest insights from the humanities into software
studies. This compendium is for all you digital Freudians. Electronic deviances
no longer originate in Californian cyber fringes but are hardwired into planetary normalcy.
Bugs breed inside our mobile devices. The virtual mainstream turns out to
be rotten. The Spam book is for anyone interested in new media theory.”
—Geert Lovink, Dutch/Australian media theorist

“What if all those things we most hate about the Internet—the spam, the viruses,
the phishing sites, the flame wars, the latency and lag and interruptions of service,
and the glitches that crash our computers—what if all these are not bugs, but features?
What if they constitute, in fact, the way the system functions? The Spam
Book explores this disquieting possibility.”
—Steven Shaviro, DeRoy Professor of English, Wayne State University

Anomalous Assemblages: A review of the Spam Book

Spam’s Off Dear! A review of the Spam Book in Mute Magazine (May 2010).
Review in The Journal of Communication (September 2010).
Seb Franklin’s review in Cultural Politics.

In Finnish:
Koneoppi. Ihmisen, teknologian ja median kytkennät. Buy it here (Granum-verkkokauppa).

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