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A requiem for the slaughtered words

I guess this is dead media (archaeology).

I am doing farewells, and ritual slaughters of pieces of text that I need to cut from my new Media Archaeology and Digital Culture-manuscript (book forthcoming 2012 from Polity Press). I ended up realizing I am 15,000 words over the word limit so I need to become ruthless. This means picking up the academic chainsaw, the butcher’s knife, the well-sharpened axe that I keep under my bed anyway, and putting on my best Jack Nicholson (in The Shining) impression before the slaughter begins. Some of the remains (consider them sliced out organs, even if minor ones, of the text) are buried at Cartographies of Media Archaeology as part of the “Kill the Darling”-series (and part 1 here).

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