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Arts Future Book – Book Futures of Arts

I don’t think I have blogged this, so a heads up: a very interesting new series from Gylphi, Arts Future Book. If you have great projects that could fit in, get in touch (either via me, I am on the editorial board, or directly with the general editor Charlotte Frost):

Edited by Charlotte Frost, Arts Future Book is an academic book series aiming to publish texts on art and visual culture in both print and digital formats. The series seeks to foster new scholarship in the arts, and publish unique works that rethink contemporary visual culture and establish new systems for considering art. It will highlight aspects of the impact of digital technologies on contemporary culture and indicate the ways in which technology informs our knowledge of the arts. The series will exploit recent technological advances in publishing to better disseminate such bodies of arts knowledge and develop wider readership and new reader experiences. Its premise is the notion that ideas are formed in dialogue with the media that represent them and that authors can actively forge the future of disciplines by recreating their core media. Therefore, this series sets out to chart new territory in disciplines dealing with the criticism, theorization and historicization of the arts. Each book published within the series will respect established academic standards, while redefining what an academic text might be and how it might be used.

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