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>Hey Mr. Tory, why do you hate media studies so much?

>Oh Mr. Tory, why do you hate media studies so much? It’s amazing that you claim the education system of dumbing down, as if it was somehow connected to the popularity of what you claim to be “soft subjects”, as media studies. Of course, I am sure that English is not on that list — it does after all represent the finest in British culture, right? Languages in general are seen as “tough topics.” And what they teach there in English lit., or languages? — literature, books, practices of reading and interpreting — does not have anything to do with media? Well, Mr. Tory, if you would study media studies, you might see things differently. Literature too is a medium, it just happened to be the key medium for production, consumption, governance and distribution of information before the internet came along. Perhaps you should study media studies to get a bit of perspective.

Why do you Mr. Tory hate media studies so much? I wonder whether you would be yourself able to pass the courses? Do you know what media studies is about? No, its not what BBC suggested through its Media Studies test. It’s not about learning to what social class/audience category teachers belong (as suggested in the BBC test), or what font BBC website uses (another question in that test). I wonder how you might survive reading Adorno, tackling Marx, engaging with Hall, writing an essay about Guattari, or coping with the centrality of software for contemporary culture. Badly, based on the statements you give.

Why do you Mr. Tory hate media studies so much? Because it might actually produce critical knowledge that is not only aware of the centrality of maths and sciences for the contemporary media culture of “creative industries” (e.g. through software studies), but also because it is able to create such connections that reveal their relations with other fields, including economics, politics and like. Its for this reason, Mr. Tory, that actually I would claim the centrality of media studies to understand contemporary culture. It is in an ideal position to understand the links between arts, sciences and technology, with yet another source of inspiration coming from philosophy. Too much for you? I am sure it is — after all, it might make you question so many of your own defining beliefs. To freely quote the Finnish poet Pentti Saarikoski: the conservatives, the right wing, they don’t need philosophy — their world view is ready and sealed. To update it: the tories don’t need media studies, it might question too much and critically their world. Better damp it down, before it gets too far.

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  1. February 5, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    >Agree whole heartedly – I am a media studies teacher and I can't believe what the Tories are saying. It is wrong and makes my students feel like the work they are doing is worthless.

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